Meet the Harmony for Health Team

Meet the Team, Shellene Suemori, Harmony for Health, Founder and CEO, Headshot
Shellene Suemori – Founder and CEO

Shellene Suemori is the Founder and CEO of Harmony for Health. In 2018, she left her 3rd successful startup to build her own company, bringing her vision to promote cannabinoid education, debunk misinformation and demand a higher standard in the industry by formulating safe, high-quality products to the marketplace. Her unrivaled talent, knowledge and passion are the core foundations of Harmony for Health.

As a scientific pioneer in the US cannabis industry for nearly a decade, Shellene has been actively engaged in developing cannabis corporations through her leadership and groundbreaking product design, selection & formulation combined with her drug delivery technology. Her deep domain knowledge of plant based healing combined with compassion for others makes her a sought after executive, speaker, advisor, consultant and advocate.

Over the past six years Mrs. Suemori has served as the Chief Science Officer (CSO) for several developing companies in the cannabis industry. Prior to her current endeavors, Shellene was the CSO for The Pharm dba Sunday Goods where she was responsible for each aspect of the integration including new product design, formulation and selection. Prior to Sunday Goods, Shellene was the CSO for Bloomfield Industries in New York and oversaw scientific and manufacturing operations. As a member of the executive team Shellene was instrumental when MedMen successfully acquired Bloomfield in 2017. After completing her degree and research for NASA, Shellene started her career in cannabis as the Director of Science for Dixie Elixirs, a Colorado medical marijuana license holder and was responsible for new product formulation, research and development.

Shellene constantly raises the standard in the industry by implementing her plant based healing knowledge, research & development, peer to peer collaboration, providing valuable insights to legislators and assisting new companies in the industry. Shellene obtained her Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology & Chemistry at Metropolitan State University in Denver. She was awarded the 2012 Researcher of the Year by NASA through its agency; Colorado Space Grant Consortium. Shellene is an active member of the American Chemical Society, International Cannabinoid Research Society and is a scientific advisor for Candere Mundi Five, an investment fund focused on developing cannabis companies throughout Latin America.

Harmony for Health Advisory Board Members

Frances Williams – International wealth management and global growth partner
Michael McGowan – Vice
Chairman for the Business Operations and Technology Committee, SEC Registered Investment Advisor
Frank Suemori – Sales, 35 year veteran of the McKesson Drug Company
Claire Levenberg – Microbiologist, plant research specialist, experienced in formulation of cannabis products

Harmony for Health Contractors, Advisors, Engineers and Volunteers

At Harmony for Health, we are trying our best to keep overhead low and grow our business organically. As such we leverage a small army of on-demand contractors, engineers, advisors and volunteers. They provide invaluable services suck as graphic design, IT, web development, cyber security and of course, industry regulation and compliance.